Friday, November 10, 2017

We've got Mail and the Wascaly Wabbit

I forgot to mention yesterday that we finally had mail!  My friend, Kim Andrews, send a package to me of great places for RVing in Wisconsin and Minnesota northern states for our summer next year.  I was totally excited over the Barn Quilts Location Reference Map.  We will definitely have to check those out!  HOW FUN!  And, she sent Sturgeon Bay maps.  My great-great grandfather, Newton Bacon, was the longest lighthouse keeper of the Old Bailey's Harbor Lighthouse, so I'm excited to peruse the area.  They Bacon family stayed in Sturgeon Bay area for many years.  We plan on staying in those states for a couple of months.  Thanks, Kim!  You made my day!  If you need to send mail to us, the address is 225 Wake Ave #291, El Centro CA 92243.
Plus, I didn't know that we have little western desert jack rabbits aka desert hares here in the park.  Scott has seen two right next to our unit and I've seen one over by the laundry area and then one again yesterday heading over to the sewing room.  They are cute little things with great big ears.
Today we're heading into San Diego since Scott has the day off work for Veteran's Day holiday.  It will be a chilly 68 degrees there...a bit uncommon, but we'll be taking the dogs to the Ocean Beach Dog Beach for a bit of fun.  It's a 24-hour off leash dog beach where dogs can play and frolic in the sand and surf.  Stay tuned for some fun photos of that...

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