Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Canines and Cannisters

Today has been a busy day organizing.

First, Roxy, Coco and Chanel went to the PetSmart groomers in El Centro for a much needed bath, groom, teeth brushing, nail grinding and cute little bows.  They have spent way too much time digging in the dirt outside camp and their hair was getting so long you couldn't even see Coco and Chanel's eyes, so it was high time for the royal doggie day spa treatment for all three of them.  Aren't they the cutest?!
While the poochies were off getting groomed, the three new Good Grips Cannisters sets came from Amazon that we ordered so that I can organize the kitchen food cabinets.  We were noticing a few tiny sugar ants and decided to invest in 30 pop-lid airtight cannisters to put our sugar, cereal, flour, coconut, nuts, chips, etc. in.  The best part is not only will it save food, get rid of ants, but they also save space in the pantry.  I was wanting to make a shelving system, but with the cannisters, I can now stack them vertically and save space.  So, the before and after pictures tell a great story.  There are still a few cannisters left and I still need to organize the bathroom better so I might have some use for them there.  Here are the before and after photos with a lot of food room to go.


  1. Good job now come here. Very good job

    1. Claudia, you're the funniest. I still have a sewing room to figure out and an office area. Then, we'll be all set. Hopefully, we'll see you next year when we head to North Carolina. :-)