Saturday, November 4, 2017

Imperial Valley Mall

Today we decided to start the process of touring our new home of El Centro and started off at the Imperial Valley Mall.  When we first came into El Centro, the mall was just off the freeway and was HUGE!  There are also shopping centers all around the mall as well so there is a lot of shopping in this area.  Now that we have good shops and a huge mall, there's no room in the RV to buy stuff.  LOL.  I guess we'll be doing a lot of window shopping!
The mall is only about 4 minutes away and is a good sized mall with four main department stores and 63 cute shops and 21 kiosks.  We got there early in the day just as it was opening so it was still fairly quiet.
It has a Disney shop but we forgot our card in Logan so we'll have to go home and get it before we can turn in some of our points.
It also has a huge food court area with a super nice merry-go-round and rides / games for the kids.
There's also a Cinemark movie theater as well and we'll be doing our movie watching from this location.
Also I was looking for a nail place and this is the biggest place I've ever seen with so many stations (this photo only shows about 1/2 of the nail stations).  I couldn't believe it.  Woo-hoo!  And, look at the service board!  There's so many things to pick from!

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