Monday, November 6, 2017

Ryerson Hall and FUN Happening to Come!

This was a busy day today.  I did 4 loads of laundry this morning.  It's $1.75 for each load but the dryers are amazing and you get two loads done with one dryer at $1.25 per cycle.  I saw a great flyer in the laundry room advertising the American Legion's steak night every Friday night for $12 that includes a green salad, baked potato and veggies.  That might be fun to do every so often.
I also attended the weekly "park happenings" meeting at 9 am in Ryerson Hall since Scott had a meeting.  That was one of the building I hadn't yet been able to get into.  There were a lot of returning RVers in the meeting.  I sat at a table with some ladies and they ended up being the quilters of the park.  I guess I instinctively knew which table to sit at.  The park manager, Les Smith, conducted the meeting.
We learned whole bunch of cool things that they will be doing over the winter months:
  • Tour Groups to San Felipe and Puerto Penasco in Mexico where the Best Western Hotels are going to be half price and the bus ride is free!
  • Early Bird Golf Tournament on the 9th this week
  • Cattle Call in Brawley this weekend
  • Potluck Dinner on the 15th
  • Oktoberfest Dinner on the 18th
  • Thanksgiving Dinner on the 23rd
  • Fall/Christmas Craft Fair on the 25th
  • The big El Centro Christmas Parade on Dec 2nd
  • Bunko on Dec 4th
  • Walk Away the Pounds starts on Dec 5th at 7 am
  • Ladies Golf starts on Dec 5th at 8 am
  • The Mexicali trip on Dec 6 or 7th by Moment Tours for the big fiesta
  • Every Monday at 9 am is coffee and donut and the meeting for the week with the activities and updates.
  • Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is quilt group from 9:30 - 12:00 noon
  • Every Wednesday is Coloring at 1 pm
  • Every Monday is Painting from 9-2 and 1-3
  • Every Monday is Chorus from 10-12
  • Every Friday is Happy Hour from 4:30 - 6:30 to mingle and bring your own beverage.  I guess the guy who plays for Happy Hour left Sacramento today and will be here tonight and everyone was happy he was back to provide entertainment.
  • AND, there going to be a big baseball game between the people of El Centro (and many from the park here) and the people of Mexicali at the professional baseball stadium soon.  Everyone was super excited about that!
You sure can't say it's boring here!  There's something for everyone!

So, I've promised photos of Ryerson Hall and here they are.
Also in the hall is where you can sign up from quilt and craft project, volunteer to help with various things, etc.
There was also a kitchen in the hall.
Since the hall was opened, I decided to see if some of the other rooms were as well, and they were hopping with people!  The was the quilt room.   I found out that the closest REAL quilt shop is in Yuma, Arizona which is a 90 minute drive away.  Uggh!  Then San Diego.  I'm glad I packed a lot of projects to do!!
And also the room where you sign up for activities and tour excursions.
After the meeting, the streets will filled with golf carts and bikers coming and going and the park is now starting to come alive with winter snowbirds.
The only room yet to photograph is the billiards room and it isn't opened just yet.

After the meeting I went to check on laundry and noticed that Scott had put some laundry out on the line but I was able to get them done in the dryer since they went for so long and transfered them as soon as I got there instead of having to wait a few hours for the laundry to dry on the line.  Everyone and their dog (literally) wanted to get laundry done this morning.  I'm sure glad I got there early to get it done first.
I was also able to clean the quilt area in the RV and get a bunch of projects under the storage under the bed.  So, we're making progress on getting organized around here.  I'm working on binding my new Make-a-Wish Dandelion quilt tonight and should have it finished by tomorrow.  

We also did a Lucky grocery store run today for some fruit and Pure Cane Sugar for the hummingbird feeder.  The hummers are still out down here and no wonder with 86 degree temps today!

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