Sunday, November 12, 2017

Twister Wreath and Twister Holiday

Some of the girls have been making the Twister quilts at sew group.  Actually, they look like a lot of fun so I ordered two kits - the Twister Harvest (Fall wreath) and the Twister Holiday (Christmas wreath).  All you do is put your blocks in a square pattern as shown and then using the Twister tool, you align it on each block seam corner and reorient the block, cut it out, twist the block and you get a whole new look as you can see below.  They end up being about 24" square, so a nice small size for the RV that I can put on the wall or as a table topper in the dining room.  You can easily make them larger by increasing the size of the block and using a larger Twister tool.  Here's the bow tutorial.
I bought this fall kit above. Aren't the colors just yummy?
And this one also.
Currently, Scott is using the entire dining room table for his office and I'm using a small table in the living room but we are having two special order desks made to replace the leather sofa sleepers for the living room by an Amish gentleman in Nappanee, Indiana.  Nappanee is a very small town right by Shipshewana where I used to go to Dear Jane retreat.  He's making them from scratch and matching our RV cherry hardwoods and our Corian counter tops for them.  Most people would think we're crazy to remove the sofas but for our needs right now, the desks are what we  need.  Scott is still working full-time and will be fore quite some time and I do a lot of genealogy, computering (is that a word?), and sewing so mine will be for those purposes.  We'll bring a big queen blow up if the grandkids ever tag alone with us and put it upstairs in the living room during bedtime...but I'll blog on that later on once we get them and set up in a few weeks.

The point to all this was that the Twister wreaths would look nice either on the wall or on the dining room table once we have the desks installed.  Boy, that was a long paragraph above to say just that.

There isn't a lot of room to sew in the RV.  So, I could use the dining room table as a temporary sewing area while Scott's upstairs at his desk.  And, I could use the kitchen island as my cutting table.  A win-win situation!

Here are some other photos that I found online of what you can do with the Twister tool.
The sky is the limit and it look like a lot of fun to make!

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