Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Vicksburg National Military Park, Mississippi

After we left Cane River Creole, we drove over the bridge crossing the mighty Mississippi River into Nachez, Mississippi.  I wanted to stay and see a few historical things, but time was not on our side and we were trying to get to Vicksburg before another storm came that we were trying to outrun in Louisiana.  However, I did go into the visitor's center of the Natchez Historical Park, Natchez Trace Parkway and Natchez Trace Scenic Historic Trail. It was a lovely visitor's center and the workers there were exceptionally helpful and extremely friendly.  Scott and I will have to return at a later date and do all these things in depth.

From there, we drove up to Vicksburg, Mississippi in yet another storm...I'm really getting tired of all the wet, but I do have to say that the landscape here is breathtakingly beautiful with lush, green plants.  Far greener than Utah, for sure! The ranger from Cane River Creole told us of two great places to eat lunch that has amazing food, but it was raining so bad, we didn't dare stop.  One was Mammy's Cupboard (south of Natchez on Hwy 61 and they only take cash) and the other was Lorman General Store, an old country store with the best fried chicken on the planet about 30 minutes north of Natchez on Hwy 16.  So, if you're fortunate to drive this way, stop at one or the other...or both!
In Vicksburg, we quickly went to the National Military Park because it was 3:10 pm when we got there and didn't want to waste any time.
Entrance to the park through a rainy windshield.
From here, we went to the visitor's center to grab the kids' junior ranger books -- very nicely done, I might add -- and while we did this, Scott unhitched the trailer and got gas so when we were done we could get right back on the road.  I wanted to get to Alabama before night fall.
Visitors Center Store
I bought Hunter an iron cannon and Cierra a quill and ink bottle with ink.
During our drive around the park, it started to really rain hard again but I took some photos.
The Shirley House
The Shirley House
At the cemetery.  The kids were amazed all the stones...
...and even more amazed at the unmarked stumps also there representing men who were nameless.
After this, we went back to the visitor's center and the kids earned their junior ranger badges.  They also get their pack of trading cards to go with the ones from Cane River Creole.
Although this was a rush trip, the park was very interesting to see the type of battle this happened on.  The 47 days of fighting must have been intense with so much death.  It was a humbling place to be and I think the kids appreciated seeing it and learning more about slavery and that the Civil War was all about.

We left Vicksburg and was lucky enough to arrive in Jackson, Mississippi right during rush hour, but I took it slow and got out unscathed.  We drove on farther to Meridian, Mississippi and are now boon docked at the Cracker Barrel here in town.  We will cross over into Alabama first thing in the morning.  Then, a few stops including Andersonville Civil War Prison to finish off teaching the kids about the Civil War and then straight up to South Mills, North Carolina and get the kids home.