Friday, August 4, 2017

New Mexico Highway 380

After our disappointment over Chaco Culture National Historical Park yesterday I decided I was going to drive all the way to Alamogordo, NM and get there whenever the time so that we could do White Sands National Monument early today.

We finished driving southeast on Hwy 550 until we came to I-25 through Albuquerque.  That was a nightmare at 1-25 just because the traffic was horrific at 5-6 pm.  Soon, we were on our own and came to Highway 380. I really like the off roads because we don't drive faster than 60 mph because if you do (1) you lose your fuel much faster and your gauge plummets. But if you stick to 60-61 mph, you get much better gas mileage.  And, (2) because we're pulling an RV, it's not good for the tires to go faster.  You can, but no more than 65 mph, so what's 4-5 mph less for safety should you have a tire blowout?  I see people with RVs flying by and it's not a smart or safe way to travel.  There's no control.

Once we got on New Mexico Highway 380, I fell in 💓 with this road. It is very wide for a single lane in each direction but there are many, many pull offs with picnic tables or trash cans where you can park, eat, rest or even boon dock!  So, we stopped for a little bit to let the girls go potty and relax.
Potty break for the girls
Scott with Coco and Chanel under the pretty moon.
The beautiful moon was starting to come u
If you're looking for a nice place to stop, rest or boon dock, Highway 380 is a good one!

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