Saturday, August 12, 2017

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

...come again another day.  I'm so tired of storms.  We've had constant rain now for a week. I guess it is the start of hurricane season for the south and east coast, but at least it could have stayed at bay until after we left.  It was so nice to wash my hair this morning but after walking through rain today, you'd never know it. *sigh*.  The meteor shower is tonight but I don't think that we'll be seeing that. 😟

We met Lisa's family at Wal-Mart where everyone needed to stock up on some groceries and necessities and then drove over to her house.  There wasn't really much to do.  Ryan and Josh was supposed to come this morning from Maryland but something more important came up and they aren't coming now until tomorrow. Our last day here will be tomorrow and Lisa just told me her father-in-law is coming tomorrow for a week.  So, I guess our visit will be cut short.  I was hoping to stay a week here, but having to pay for the campground Disappointing since it took so long to get here and we have to leave, but it's probably for the best and start heading west again.

While at Lisa's the water was deep enough for Hunter to "kayak" in the grass on his front lawn...remember the ditches I got stuck in yesterday and ruined the front of the RV?  Well, it was full over water today.

Josh gave Hunter a push and he went nearly all the way down the whole canal.
Still floating...
Finally, everyone decided to come back to our place for real kayaking, swimming, and fishing on the 5 acre lake. And, we needed to get our laundry done.  So we started out.  The rain was crazy and so hard in some patched on Hwy 17 that I couldn't see Josh in front of me in the truck.  Then, it would clear up and 3 minutes later it was raining cat and dogs all over again.

Once we got to North River Campground, the rain had cleared for a little bit but the whole park had  patches of water all over the grass. The ground is hill and dale and lots of standing water.

The water is deeper than it looks and at the lake they have drainage PVC pipes for run off.  This is how much and how fast the run off is happening.
Josh got Hunter's kayak in the lake first and off this little guy went.  I think this was his first time in the kayak and he was going fairly slow but quickly picked up on it fast enough and was cruising around the like in about 15 minutes.
Learning the ropes of kayaking
"Look at me", Grandma!
Little professional.
Note, that he has his fishing pole attached!
Finally, Josh brought his new fishing kayak over to the lake and launched out...equipped with sonar to find the fish!
Anxious to go fishing!
Stroke, stoke, stoke...
Making sure all the poles are there.
Ready to go!
And, he's off!
Lisa and Cierra were watching intently and trying to stay dry.
Photos, anyone?  Say "cheese"!
Watching Josh and Hunter side-by-side
Father and Son bonding time.
Enjoying the lake.
Cierra decided that she wanted in on the action, but she wanted to go swimming in the pool...until the thunder started roaring once again.  She begged her mom to let her swim and they started over to the pool.  On the way to get her towel it started raining all over again...It was interesting because while you would think the water is cold, it was actually quite warm and comfortable. It's just the unpredictable rain that was frustrating.
Yick...squishy, grassy water!
It's soggy here...and one unhappy camper.
We found a shallow spot among the water!
But off to the pool she went...I was the smart one and stayed in the RV.  I'm nearly waterlogged!

Since writing today's post is started raining so hard that within an hour nearly the whole park was underwater. Remind me never to go east in an RV in summer again...
One very soggy campground!

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