Monday, November 5, 2018

Home, Sweet Logan, Home

We got back to Logan on Friday, August 24th late in the afternoon and checked into Traveland RV Park in Logan.  We've been there before so, no post for this - just a reference to the prior post.  The skies through Idaho were the worst we'd seen from the fires and Logan wasn't much better.  Being that Logan is in a valley, they retain the air quality, so we lived with smokey skies for most of the time we were there.
For the next three weeks we lived in site B2 and enjoyed having nowhere to go except get a lot of things done back home.  First we took our car out of storage where we found that 2 mice got into the car and DIED there making a terrible stink that took two weeks to get remedied.  Mice poop was all over my clothes and stuff, we left in the back seat and trunk.  What a mess!!
Our busy itinerary while home and this was just MY calender:

Aug 24 - Dogs Groomed and Scott got in a car fender bender at a Wal-Mart parking lot.  All the college kids were back in town today and everyone was there and the streets were chaotic...she was speeding in the lot (as you can see with her damage) and Scott didn't see her when he backed up.  Uggh.  What a terrible start to the time here.
Aug 25 - Temple Day
Aug 26 - Scott's Birthday Dinner with his mom, brother, Mark and nieces and nephews.  We played Cover Your Assets...a really fun card game.
Scott, Mom and Mark
Aug 27 - The all important MASSAGE!  Ahhh.  Thanks, Linda Perkes!!
Aug 28 - Grandson Hunter's birthday call and lunch with my friend Jan at the Beehive Grill.
Aug 30 - Haircut and Sugar with my girl Dana who surprised me that she's pregnant!  And Nails with Rhonda.  Plus the trip to the dermatologist and I made home made Almond milk.  Yum!  Plus, Scott changed out the cable to our bedroom closet slide.  It had frayed...BIG time!
Aug 31 - Day out with Scott's mom running errands and shopping.  Scott moved his dad's trailer to the bank parking lot.
Sept 2 - Our 36th Anniversary and dinner with Scott's mom, niece and nephew.  More Cover Your Assets after dinner.
Sept 3 - Bernina Embroidery Class and the "Dream Big" Rock found at the RV Park.
Sept 4 - Mammogram and Bernina Embroidery Class continued.  Look at all the cute projects I made on the embroidery machine!  They had the cutest things to learn how to do!  I was so proud of myself!
AND, the new Bernina GOLD 790 machine is out.  I 😍WISH😍I could have this so much!  Isn't it the most gorgeous, absolutely beautiful machine you've ever seen in your life!  OH, I'm in 💘!  Anyone want to buy it for me??
Sept 5 - RV Visit from friends in our ward, Curt and Nancy Brough who are thinking about buying an RV.
Sept 6 - Bought brand new Magnum electric bikes in Salt Lake City.  We gave them a lot of use.  It's a bit to get used to since they weight 55 pounds and 10 pounds is just the motor, but it sure makes biking a breeze when you get tired.

Sept 7 - Chanel Re-groom (she didn't look all that great so they trimmed her up)
Sept 8 - Becky and Jeff came to see us and spend the night at our RV Park directly across from us and we hosted a shrimp boil for them and Scott's mom and dad.  They had been to Yellowstone in their RV fishing with his folks.  After dinner we went back and played at Scott's mom's place.

Sept 9 - Dinner with Scott's Mom and Bobbie & Jordan and more Cover Your Assets
Sept 10 - Mammogram and car turned in for repairs.
Sept 11 - Bernina 590 embroidery training
Sept 13 - Dental Cleaning for both of us and then a yummy dinner at the Beehive Grill in Logan.  The head chef is our good friend, Dustin McKay.  I bought 6 quarts of his Coconut Curry Soup.  So, delicious!  Check out the glass waterfall in the restaurant?  Isn't it gorgeous?  And, they are famous for their yummy gelato

Sept 14 - Dinner with Scott's mom; car back from repairs.
Sept 15 - Dogs Revolution time and Logan Temple Day

Sept 16 - Farewell Dinner with Scott's Mom and Bobbie & Jordan - Played a new game called 6nimmt.  It's a fun German game!  We're going to have to buy this one!
Sept 17 - Nails w/ my girl, Rhonda!  Farewell to Scott's Dad.  Little Ruby is confined to a 6 foot leash.  Poor baby - my heart was broken for her.  She needs to run and play and be a doggie not lay in a chair.
Fun and busy.  Had great time back in Logan seeing family and friends!!  Lots of busy things going on and we were ready to hit the road again and head to the doTERRA convention in Salt Lake City and then spend a nice 3 weeks in Bryce Canyon National Park...

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