Thursday, April 12, 2018

Coco in Emmett

Arrived in Emmett about 1 p.m. today and had a quick drive over from Deadman Pass.  Alyse asked me to babysit the kids while she went to work and I said I'd be over at 2:50 p.m.  Little did I know that the clocks didn't change to Mountain Standard Time AND I had locked my keys in the car so I made her very late to work!  How frustrating!  😟  What a rough day, today.  But, Lilly and S.J. loved watching Coco in the RV and then Grandpa brought home McDonalds.  Personally, I 💖Coco.  It's one of my all-time favorite Disney movie!  Remember Me!
We're staying the Hoppell Field and RV Park in Emmett like we did last year.  Everything is just the same.  We're in unit 6 this visit.  We LOVE staying at this park. It's really GREAT!  The last time we were here it took me about 20 tries to get lined up and this time it only took about 3.  Scott said I had it on the first try but I wanted to make an adjustment.  So, I'm getting better in the backing up area.  That's good!  It was actually quite warm when we arrived but by about 6 p.m. storm clouds were developing.  We're only a 5 minutes drive away from Kyle down 12th Street and then up Mill Rd to his street.  So this location is easy and close to them.  Kyle showed me the fabulous birthday gift he bought Alyse.  It will be fun to see her reaction.
Tomorrow, we get a little bit of rain and then it's dry for the next two day.  My plants will be happy about that.  I lost one of my flowers to mold in Oregon and Washington from being too wet.  They are outside waiting lots of sunshine.

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  1. We arrived on a weekday during business hours, paid for 2 nights at the self-pay, called the posted phone number repeatedly to request access to water, power and bathrooms, went straight to voicemail all day. No return call, no sign of staff, dumpsters overflowing.

    Now it's the weekend so no hope of any staff ever showing up and we've wasted $50 bucks to essentially dry camp in a parking lot. We could have parked at walmart or in front of some random apartments for free and at least got our money's worth.

    Sites okay but utilities, bathrooms, wifi locked down. All this and locals blasting loud music 24/7 for $25 a night.

    Looks like homeless in decrepit RVs like to stay here for the 10 day max and then rotate to other spots till they can come back here.