Sunday, April 8, 2018

FUN, GAMES, FREE STUFF - Be Part of Our Gypsy Caravan!

I know that there are hundreds of people out there that follow my blog as I can see the numbers through Blogger.  But, I only see 7 people who are "Followers".  I have heard from many people that they just don't know HOW to follow the blog, so let me help you out.  I have rearranged the right side of the web to make it easier to help you and moved the FOLLOWERS and FOLLOW by EMAIL section at the top.

Once I get more people on the blog, I was going to have some FUN GAMES for those that follow for FREE GIFTS!  So, if you want to play along, just click on the FOLLOW icon and be a member of Our Gypsy Caravan. So, let's get everyone signed on...Once we get to 25 Followers, we'll start some fun and games!!

(Step 1 - Computer Version) Get online and type:

(Step 1 - iPhone Version) Google: and at the bottom, select VIEW WEB VERSION. [NOTE: Android - I'm not sure what you're phone does, probably either the web or iPhone version.  Just look for the same icons]

(Step 2) Now that you're on the web or web version, FOLLOWERS and FOLLOW the BLOG by EMAIL come up first on the right hand side of the blog post.

(Step 3) To be a FOLLOWER, you have to have a Google account.  If you don't have one you can get a free Google account and then follow the steps.  If you do have a Google account, just click the blue bar that says FOLLOW and you'll be added.  That's it. (Note: My screen say Unfollow, but that's because I'm already a member).  Your screen will say FOLLOW

(Step 4) To get an AUTOMATIC EMAIL when a new post is made, you can sign up for that by adding your email to the FOLLOW the BLOG by EMAIL and pressing the SUBMIT button.  You will get email usually when a new blog post goes live in a day or so you don't have to check online daily.  Sometimes they don't come through immediately, or at all, but at least the email tries to keep you in the loop with all our travels.

I have also heard from people when they go straight to the website the only see the current post and can't find past posts.  You have to remember that as I post, the most current post will come up.  But, there are three ways to see past posts.  If you scroll down through the blog, you'll see SEARCH OUR BLOGBLOG ARCHIVE or OLDER POSTS

(1) Go to the SEARCH OUR BLOG and type a keyword if you know what you want to search for.  For example, you want to know about Joshua Tree, you will type - Joshua Tree.  Hit Search and every post associated with Joshua Tree will come up. 

(2) Go to the ARCHIVE on the right side of the tool bar. 
In the Blog Archive, you'll see these are done chronologically by the most current blog post title.  Just click the post you want to read and you're ready to go.

(3)  The last way to see old posts could be to click on the OLDER  POSTS icon and it will take you back just a few older posts.

Also, as you've scrolled down through this post, there are icons on the RIGHT side of the post of things that may interest you:  Our Current Location, Our Local Weather, Where We'll Be, etc.  So, start spreading the word, let have some fun while we're on the road with the Gypsy Rose.

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