Thursday, April 5, 2018

Tear Repaired at Straight Line RV

If you've been following the blog faithfully (and I know you have...right?) you knew that back on Aug 11, 2017's blog post on the day we brought Cierra and Hunter back home after a summer exploring National Parks and Sites, the RV cap was tore trying to back into their driveway.  They have ditches and we have a large tool box, when the RV dipped in the ditch, the toolbox tore away a lot of the cap and we've been doing the "tape" job ever since.
When we went to the Quartzsite RV show this winter (and I know you remember that blog post, too, right?), we met Tony Hilsendaget who owns Straight Line RV in Springfield, Oregon who specializes in RV, Boat, and Emergency Vehicle repair.  He told us to contact his shop so we could get an appointment for repair before the summer rush of people and we did.  Since we were heading up to Washington to see Becky and Jeff, and Tony's shop is right off I-5 in Springfield/Eugene, Oregon, and we could easily stop there and have the RV repaired.  We booked the week of April 2-5 for the repair and told him we needed to be back on the road on Friday to get to our daughter's house.  We arrived Easter afternoon and he gave us the gate code since it was Sunday and they were gone and we backed the rig over by the bay doors.  When we got here another the lot was super small filled with Class As and Tony told us to back in next to the bay almost like we were going inside.  It took about 4-5 tried but we got it in position.  Another guy showed up before us and was told the same thing but instead of backing into the correct position, he parked perpendicular to the bay - blocking it.  So, some tight maneuvering and they got him all turned the right way.  Even when we told him he was parked wrong and we should correct it now he ignored us so we just left it for Tony to deal with on Monday morning.
The first day, April 2nd they took off our tape fix and sanded it all down!
On Tuesday, April 3rd, they re-buffed and put a bit of primer on it.
Wednesday, April 4th, we got moved into the bay for painting.  We had to leave so we spent the day in Newport, Oregon with the family at Nye Beach and the Boardwalk (see post).  When we came back, the painting had been more step closer!  They do GREAT work!!
This morning they buffed it out once more and sealed it.  Now, we're just waiting for the sealant to dry and then they will wash the rig and we're on our way - one day earlier than they estimated.
They did a FANTASTIC job so if you're ever in need of RV, Marine, Car, Boat repair, Tony and he guys are here for you on the west coast at Straight Line RV, 845 Shelley St, Springfield, Oregon, 97477, (541) 505-9732.  They open at 7 am and close at 5 pm.  They also have a shop in Phoenix, Arizona at 5159 W. Roosevelt St. 85043.

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