Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It is Finished - We’re Moved Out

Well, Scott is in his last meeting in this house and we will leave in the morning back to El Centro, California.
It's been bittersweet leaving.  We love our neighborhood and our LDS ward but we know this is what we need to be doing right now - adventuring the United States, doing genealogy research and visiting the grandkids on the east and west coasts equally.  
I've just finished wiping down the entire main floor and now I’ll be vacuuming 4-5 rooms and we’re done.  We had a huge stack of boxes to put into the truck of stuff to take back and we were worried that it wouldn't fit but it looks like we’ll make it.  The guys we hired didn't realize how much house we had and it took two days with 5 guys to move everything we packed and that still cost me $3,445!
The house is nothing but an echoed shell.  All the earthly things that made it a home are boxed up and packed away or have been sold...a hard, but necessary thing to do.  Even with all the large scale things we sold, it still took 3 storage units to put everything away into.  I'm not sure how these units were packed, but it took 3 of them!  Shocking.  One never knows what one has until it's time to box things up and move.  I think all my sewing took up about 20 large boxes -- so I guess I need to downsize all that when we get to the next permanent stop.

As I looked at the boxes over the past week and the living room became progressively larger and larger with boxes, it dawned on me that I couldn't never had made a good pioneer only have one wagon or handcart.  I would have been lucky to use the whole wagon train for all our stuff!  *Sigh*
Yesterday, the bed was gone so we took out the big blow up bed and it was so uncomfortable that Scott slept on the little alcove bench.   I was even uncomfortable alone by myself.  So not fun!  I feel bad for my sister-in-law who slept on my sofa last forth of July.  I didn't remember it so icky.  Tonight, I'm sleeping on two alcove pads and Scott will take the blow up for himself (it ended up being comfy on the 2 futons).
Yesterday, my dear, sweet friend, Linda Perkes, gave me my last massage for 2017 in Millville, Utah.  I met Linda some time ago now and we have become such good friends.  It will be sad to say goodbye to her.  I'm counting down until we go back to Logan in April for my next visit - not only for a massage, but for her sweet countenance and positivity.  She makes me a better person!  I love you, my dear friend.
Well, on to bigger and better things!

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