Monday, September 11, 2017

Music and the Spoken Word - Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Symphony Orchestra

After convention, we decided to stay in Salt Lake City one more night and attend Music and the Spoken Word with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Symphony Orchestra on Temple Square at the old Tabernacle building. Distinguished dignitaries from Rwanda, China, Turkey and others who attended the doTERRA convention were also in attendance.  The greeters for the production were surprised by how many people attended the performance and quickly realized it was doTERRA convention and many had stayed for the performance.
Again, we waited in line.  There were two lines. We were in the south line and there were just this many people in the north line!
While Scott waited in line, I took photos around Temple Square.
Once inside we were able to get front row seats.  I think sitting in the front row of the 2nd section would have been the perfect spot, but it was fun to watch everything up close and personal.  That way you can see everything very clearly.  We took photos while the choir warmed up and then the announcer gave us instructions on being quiet during the performance.
The Tabernacle is nearly full with still 30 minutes before performance time.
Warming up
Mack Wilburg leads the choir - an amazing musician!
It was the 4,591 continuous live broadcast the choir has done in 85 years and the theme was "The Need to be Appreciated" narrated by Lloyd D. Newell.  The music was lovely and we were very blessed to hear the performance live.  Even while standing in line, we could hear the choir perfectly as the acoustics in the building are amazing!
At the end of the production, the director, Mack Wilberg, lead the choir and symphony in singing, "God Be With You."  I love that song!  It was a wonderful way to spend the Sabbath.

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