Monday, September 11, 2017

Clary Calm Essential Oil

I've just turned 58 and while we were gone all summer traveling the southern part of the country, it seemed that I was hot one minute and cold the next. Poor Scott didn't know why the A/C was on and then off we drove.  I'm surprised he didn't get sick. 

At night, I would sweat profusely waking up dripping in sweat.  I just chalked it up to being in the heat and humidity of Texas, the Southern States, East Coast and the Midwest, but once we got back home, I was still having these hot and cold sensations that I didn't have before we left...then it dawned on me that I must be having HOT FLASHES!

I was feeling simply miserable.  I couldn't sleep all those nights and I was beginning get more and more tired throughout the day and exhausted from not sleeping during the nights. Finally, I thought to myself, "Self, I better figure out what to do about this".  So, I opened up my Essential Oil Bible and read the definition for Hot Flashes under Female-Specific Conditions.

The book also said that the best oil aids are:
  • Women's Monthly Blend
  • Grounding Blend
  • Peppermint
  • Clary Sage
Other good products to use could be:
  • Phytoestrogen Complex
  • Daily Supplement Pack (LLV)
For Hormone Balancing, Modern Essentials recommended:
  • Women's Monthly Blend
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Clary Sage

Clary Calm is the Monthly Blend for Women.  I had a bottle but had never tried it before. So, I decided to apply some Clary Calm essential oil to the bottoms of my feet and ankles letting the sweet aroma fill my nasal passages as I worked in the oil. Then, I applied it to my forearms and wrists and then breathed the scent in my hands and rubbed the back of my neck and climbed into bed.  Amazingly, last night was the first time I've slept the whole night through in over six weeks!  For the first time in weeks, I went to bed relaxed and slept the entire night through without waking and didn't notice any hot or cold discomfort.  I woke up refreshed and ready to start the day today.  I can't wait to use it again tonight.

Thanks, Clary Calm!

Clary Calm Ingredients: Clary Sage Flower, Lavender Flower, Bergamot Peel, Roman Chamomile Flower, Ylang Ylang Flower, Cedarwood Wood, Geranium Stem/Leaf, Fennel Seed, Carrot Seed, Palmarosa Herb and Vitex Leaf/Berry essential oils.  Doesn't this sound just heavenly?!

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