Monday, July 31, 2017

Afternoon Swimming & Relaxing

It was time to take a little break after our trip to Yucca House and I took the kids to Cortez Municipal Outdoor Pool while Scott worked. 
It was right across the street from our RV Park, right behind the Colorado Welcome Center.  We could have walked, but I was too pooped to lug towels, books, and cell phones over there, so we drove over. Thee were only about 20 kids total in the whole pool!  That's my kind of public swimming!  That's 1 lifeguard for every 3 kids!
A great pool with only a few people!
They have a small water slide
Shaded area for parents and grandparents with chaise lounges and chairs
The water was a gorgeous blue and plenty of lifeguards!
The afternoon clouds are starting to roll in.
Pool hours are from 1-4 pm for community swim due to swimming lessons in the morning, etc.  We were able to hang out for only a couple of hours but had to leave early due to another afternoon storm that was coming in.  Once they spot lightening, everyone has to exit the pool for 30 minutes.  I had been watching the storm cloud gather while the kids were playing so I knew we wouldn't be there long. I think the kids really enjoyed themselves cooling off and needed a break from all the hiking.

Pool costs are $2.50 per child and $5.00 per swimming adult.  Free if you're observing. They had lap lanes, diving area, water slide area and a splash pad.  The majority of the pool is 3-4 feet deep so you can relax with the youngsters.

Cierra toweling off during a break...
...and Hunter, too.
The kids are really starting to get a tan!
The diving board was the highlight of the day!
Hunter looks pretty good here!
Bathing Beauty!
Now, to just relax and unwind.  Hopefully, we'll get the truck back today and can start on our way to Carlsbad Caverns National Park and Guadalupe National Park tomorrow.  It's an 8 hour drive, so the majority of the day will be traveling.

I finally got caught up on the blog and plopped myself down in a recliner in thecoach and there was Cierra curled up on the dog beg in the dog crate watching a movie.  Silly child.

Then, I look over and Hunter is chowing down on a banana in his bear hat I bought him this morning while we was sleeping and watching his iPad.
After dinner, we were in the RV listening to these goofy kids argue and laugh every other sentence.  Such funny kids!
Laughing it up good!
Turning goofy on me!
We'll be watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 tonight.  We've been doing a Harry Potter marathon the last week. Hopefully, we'll be on the road in the morning but the Ram truck isn't done yet and they haven't called...stay tuned.

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