Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Crystal Rock Campground in Sandusky, Ohio

After Kirtland on July 10th, we drove over to Sandusky, Ohio to Crystal Rock Campground, our next RV park right on Lake Erie.  Crystal Rock used to be an old KOA that they turned into a beautiful campground.  It was so clean and tidy.  We actually rated this campground a 5 on our scale.  We're right up in the north central part of Ohio now and LOVED this wonderful campground!  It was a complete 180 from the last location and only a 2-hour drive away, but I was grateful to be away from the last campground.  I was disappointed in that I didn't get to see the First Ladies National Historic Site in Canton...but we'll get that another time...another reason to return to Ohio.  There are many sites in PA we didn't do, so we'll just add Canton on to the next return and then I can go to Wooster, where my family used to live in the early 1800s.
We were assigned A-9 (left green area) as our spot and we parked in the pull-through sites, as we normally do.  We're so long that back-in sites are only when we can't get a pull-through.  The park is divided into two sections.  The left section is the cabins and pull-throughs and the right side is the tent camping and back-in sites.
Our Rig in a beautiful, secluded spot - Isn't this a much better view?!
The amenities are plentiful including:

  • Pull Through Sites
  • Back In Sites
  • Tent Sites
  • Cabins
  • Gravel Pads
  • Full and Park Hookups depending on site
  • Dump Station
  • Laundry
  • 1 Bathhouses on each side of the park for a total of 2
  • Shade Trees
  • Grassy Areas
  • Picnic Tables
  • Community Fire Pit
  • Private Fire Pit
  • Close to 2 National Monuments
  • Bike Path
  • Sand Volleyball
  • Basketball Court
  • Gem Mine
  • Tetherball
  • Kids Playground
  • Game Center / Club House
  • Camp Store
  • Pavilion
Even though there isn't a pool, this is a campground and the cleanliness of everything and friendliness of the owners made this a 5-star park in our book.

Here's some photos of our side of the campground:
View from our site looking toward the Camp Store, Laundry and Bathhouse
And these are photos from the other side of the campground:
I know I took photos of the camp store and the laundry...but I couldn't find them.  The laundry only had 2 washers and 2 dryers attached to the back of the registration building, so that was a bit difficult but the camp store was amazing!!  I'm glad we chose this site.  The only thing this place didn't have was a swimming pool, but it is a campground, and at campgrounds, a pool isn't required in our book.  We stayed here for 4 nights and we were supposed to go to Tall Timbers Campground only 7 minutes here in Port Clinton the night of the 14th.  I didn't want to leave this campground, but we had already booked the other, so we had to go.  I thought it was silly to drive 7 minutes away to an unknown site, but, oh well.

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