Thursday, May 10, 2018

Rapid City RV Park and Campground

We arrived in Rapid City on May 5th after going to Fort Laramie, Scott's Bluff and Agate Fossil Beds & James Cook Gallery.  From Cheyenne, it was an easy 4 hour drive with the rig and the sightseeing was very fun.  We are now staying a month in Rapid City, South Dakota at the Rapid City RV Park and Campground.  They are located at 4110 S Hwy 16, Rapid City, SD 57701.  Phone is (605) 342-2751.  Email is
The RV Park is located high on the bluff off highway 16 and there is the most amazing views of the valley below.  Because we are on the side of the mountain, there are four tiers to this park.  We're in spot 208 with a beautiful view of the valley and farther down the hill so we don't hear the road noise.  We have the biggest site in the whole park so we and the girls are grateful they have a big area to run around in.  (Scott will be giving me some aerial photos with the drone soon, so stay tuned for that at another time.  It's overcast today, so I'll post when I can).
The upper level is where we are for all the big boy rigs, like us.  There are 4 rows of RVs with a total of 67 spaces including a large bathhouse, trash, swimming pool, two pet areas, the store, fitness center and laundry as well as the office.  There is also four sleeping rooms on the upper level and a grill area.  Because we are set up on a hill each space is above the next one.
This is part of the upper tier units 101-109 an the bathrooms from the front part of our rig
Looking down from our rig and into the valley.  It's quiet and peaceful -- for now.  This class A left yesterday.
Pet area and view of the valley
Bath House (our rig on the left)
3 Showers / 3 Toilets
Clean Showers!
Clean Toilets
They are working on the sinks now
The upper tier also houses the office, shuffle board (but it looks sad), laundry, fitness center and pool. 
Inside the office and little store
Laundry and Fitness Center/Rec Room
Fitness Center and Rec Room
Rec Room
Outdated Laundry
The next tier houses another 20 spaces for smaller rigs and camp spots for tents and has stairs leading to the upper tier. There are also two cottages on this tier.  The playground is also in this section of the park.
The third tier down the mountain has 8 more spots and a horseshoe configuration with a showers and restroom and trash area.
The lowest level has 15 sites for camping with a shower, restroom and trash area.
The park was purchased back in 2014 with the new owners and while the location is fabulous, the condition of the park is deteriorating.  
Here is the amenities list and my comments about each one:


  • Big Rig Accessible - Very good but some units are so hilly the picnic tables don't fit.
  • Back In and Pull Through Sites
  • Full Hook Up Sites
  • Electric & Water Tent Camping Sites
  • 30-50 amp sites
  • Other Lodging Available - Dated and Old
  • Convenience Store - If you can call it that.  There's like 5 cans on the shelf.
  • Pets Welcome - they do have three pet areas.
  • Recreation Room & Fitness Center - Very OLD, musty and OLD!  Equipment dated!
  • Heated Swimming Pool - The Pool is still mucky with green water.  Hopefully the clean it soon.
  • Playground - One small playground but adequate for a few kids
  • WiFi - Great WiFi
  • Internet Access - Great Internet
  • Laundry - $2.00 per load and dry.  VERY expensive and the machines are very old.  I won't be doing my laundry here at those prices and at how old the machines are.
  • BBQ Facilities
  • Dump Station
  • Forest Areas - Beautiful location
  • Group Area
  • Seasonal Rates

The park office is open daily from 8 am - 9 pm.  Prices per day are as follows and I think is quite high considering the condition of this park:

  • 50 amp - $49.50
  • 30 amp - $49.50
  • Tents - $26.50
  • Room - $85.00
  • Cabins - $65.00
  • Monthly - $960.00

The RV park is also very close to some great local attractions (all web photos):
Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Badlands National Park
Wind Cave National Park
Jewel Caves National Monument
Minuteman Missile National Historic Site
Devils Tower National Monument
Reptile Gardens
Storybook Island Children's Theme Park
The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs SD
Bear Country USA
Black Hills Aerial Adventures
Horseback Riding Tours
Crazy Horse Memorial
Custer State Park --- Where the Buffalo Roam
Now, to say a few things about this place.  Since the owners are new, they have to remodel this entire place.  Given the size, I'd say they paid a huge upfront cost to purchase the property.  I can see this place really being a diamond in a few years.  They have plans to push back the slopes on every unit giving a retaining wall and more space, resurfacing the roads (and they need it!), new laundry, fitness, etc.  They are also resurfacing the pool in the next few weeks.  I also hope they re-sod this place with nice grass instead of the weed patches they have.  I would love to come back in five years and see how they've done.  The park has a policies sheet and a tattle tale policy on dogs, which, if enforced could kick you out of the park without refund.  They also have policies on drinking and disorderly conduct as well, so these things should keep the park in good condition.
My rating.  In the current condition it is in, I would give it a 3/5 rating.  But, I can see of the potential going to a 5 if they do things right and fix it up properly.  I'd even think about putting in an ice-cream shack during the summer months.

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