Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Prairie Edge - Native American Shop in Rapid City

Wow!  Today, I went to a little shop at 6th and Main called Prairie Edge!  What an absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G shop!  I spent at least two hours there and could easily have spent another two!
This place has it all including a trading post of beads, REAL Venetian Italian glass beads, ceremonial Native American items, clothing, kitchen things, books and household furnishings!  What an fun place.  Let me show you the shop, so let's get started.  I was able to meet Lynelle, a lovely lady who guided me through the shop and showed me where things were.
My sweet new friend, Lynelle
First, there is a trading store attached to Prairie Edge called Sioux Trading.  They have a huge assortment of tanned hides, beads, thread, needles, furs, etc. as well as finished products for purchase.
At the front of the main corner of Prairie Edge, they also have a lovely selection of apparel and home decor items - rugs, blankets, t-shirts, mugs, coasters, quilts, etc.
In the next area of the store is the Native American section full of wonderful beaded items and ceremonial artifacts that made my heart melt.  I could literally buy the whole shop!
Lynelle and I spent a lot of time in the Native American dolls, purses and miniature and full size baby cradle boards.  She was so much fun to chat with.
Ghost Dancer Dolls
I LOVE this purse!
Upstairs are a few smaller rooms.  One was filled with high end furniture, painting and the like.  Another was filled with local artisans who do paintings, paper carving (amazing, I might add), and Ledger art.  This is old historical receipts and writings and ledger books that have painted over similar to how animal hides were painted on.  These are quite stunning.  Here are some of my favorite pieces.
This resonated with me since I am the Matriarch of my family.
Finally, upstairs in yet another alcove is the 70 tons of Venetian Italian beads I mentioned in our blog post when we visited Crazy Horse that was purchased when the shop in Italy closed its doors.  These are the same beads sold in the 19th Century!  Currently, you can purchase these beads and Lynelle told me many of the Lakota are becoming concerned that certain colors are nearly gone and are worried how they are going to finish some of their beaded work once the colors are gone.  Each color bead and size has a corresponding chart.  The display was simply stunning!
Fulled beaded chair and urn!  Amazing!
And, to end this post, of course, I had to mention a bison in some way, so here is a chart of how Native American Indians treated the sacred buffalo as their way of life.  They used every part of the animal they could with no waste.  I've hoped you've enjoyed this blog post.  I really enjoyed browsing this fabulous shop and can't wait to take Scott back before we leave next week.

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