Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Theodore Roosevelt National Park NORTH UNIT

After Knife River, we drove on to Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit.  We were going to be on the road most of the day and Scott working on his laptop while I drove.
We got to the visitor center, which was just a mobile home trailer.  They once had a building but had to be demolished due to structure failure and planning for a new facility is under way.  They had adjoining mobile bathrooms, also.  But, while small, they came equipped with what you need to know to maneuver the north unit of the park.  This unit is open Friday through Monday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  They are closed Tuesday through Thursday, so don't come those days.  They are also only open from June through September most likely due to the season.  There is adequate parking for cars and a few RVs but if you go in the park, unhitch and take your car or truck.
Because we didn't have time to really hike, we chose to drive the 14 miles to Oxbow Overlook and stop at River Bend Overlook on the way.  It didn't take long to drive the park.  You can see the Little Missouri River from many placed and there is great hiking here.  There were interesting rock formations all along the trail.  Scott took the photos of these mountains as we drove through the park.  It wasn't the best day for photo.  Most of the skies were gray and overcast.  A storm was rolling in.
First stop: River Bend Overlook.  A couple had the coolest bikes - they were RVers and got collapsible bikes that fold up.  They are expensive bikes, too!  Small, compact and mobile.  River Bend Overlook is one of the most photographed places in North Dakota with the rock shelter and sweeping view of the Little Missouri, mountains and scenery.  Many people have gotten married in that little shelter.  The girls enjoyed getting out of the truck for a little walk.
Our last stop was at the Oxbow Overlook.  This place has Bentonitic Clay.  It is blue-black popcorn-like soil that caps the plateau.  The blue color layer goes for miles up and down the Little Missouri River.
I wish the photos captured the beauty of the place.  2 dimensional photos just don't quite do it.  Also, just before and after Oxbow Overlook, we saw a huge herd of bison!  That made my day!  I wish the photos were better of this also - I had to zoom in quite a ways.
Now, on to Fort Union Trading Post that is north of us.

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